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Meet Cass Louise


My focus is on capturing the subtle details, nuance, and complexities within people’s lives. My work is about the transformation that unfolds within personal timelines, not prescribed milestones.

I create uniquely personal art for people who want to explore complexities. Let your true stories emerge through my open-hearted process. Somewhere between the sunlight and dark skies, we will capture the quiet power of nuance.

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What I Do

How It Works

We will work collaboratively, always beginning with a detailed plan, but sometimes it’s the tiny detours that yield the most amazing results!
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Tell Me Your Story

Let’s chat about your personal journey and what you’re looking to express.

Define The Scope

We’ll take a look at all the details of your project and discuss the best format to bring your original art piece to life.

Schedule A Photography Session

Most of my work begins with a photo shoot. We'll work together to capture your inner voice and whole spirit.

Bring Home Your Original Works

Whether it’s canvas, print, digital imagery, or all of these, you’ll bring home true, one-of-a-kind works, capturing the pivotal shifts in your life.

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There are parts of your story that want to be told. Let’s start there.

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Photography Project or Painting Project Learn how I can bring your vision to life using digital photography or paint. Whether for web, print or display use, let's find the right package, style, materials and mediums for your custom designed imagery.
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  • "Cass’s laid back and natural thoughtfulness throughout my first outdoor, socially distant photoshoot was so warm. We met at an outdoor location that I had suggested, which was unfamiliar to her. Some moments required a little more direction, mostly so I wouldn’t fall off a log. Other times, Cass was able to capture lovely spontaneous moments. She ended up taking amazing photos throughout the location. She looked for places with beautiful light and interesting natural backgrounds. Cass was professional, courteous and so encouraging. She mostly was so much fun to work with as we listened to upbeat pop songs and chatted naturally about life."
    Kim de los Reyes
  • "Cass not only made me feel comfortable but she made me feel beautiful in my own skin. Having a photographer that is also a figurative painter really shows in her work. The lighting, the mood, the lines, it’s all a collaboration to bring together the shot and I’m here for it!"
    Sarah Jane
  • "I absolutely loved my professional headshots, so much so that I am ready for new ones and will not hesitate to work with Cassandra again. I honestly didn’t know I could look so good in photos, and Cass is one of those rare people who can make you feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera. It was only my second experience having professional headshots taken, and since I’m a bit camera-shy, naturally, I had some apprehension. She really took her time with me, and she helped me feel at ease. It was really fun to experiment with different backgrounds, different poses, and different outfits. She carefully manipulated the lighting and made suggestions on how I should sit and look at the camera. Cassandra is a professional, a sweet, caring human, and an amazing artist."
    Catherine Cruz
    Web Designer

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The Changing Tide

Most creative projects begin with a launch and end with a finish that is well defined, like sturdy bookends. The renderings are usually planned for,

The Analog Story: Old School

I like to keep it old school. I can’t help it. There are things I like about modernity and the digital world. Like cell phones, earbuds, and this

Creative Collaboration

Sarah Jane Morabito and Lauren Mountain (Nail Artist and Make-Up Artist, respectively) spearheaded the design and planning of the editorial concepts

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